Zooplankton is a member on the website BZPower. He has written a few comedies and epics, such as Dorks 'r' Us and The Adventures of Balta and Krekka.  He has only changed his name once, changing it to Zooplankton0111 to protest the banning of Lewa0111. After Lewa0111 was unbanned, he changed his name back to Zooplankton. He is currently 15 years old.

His fans consist of a bunch of his friends that Zooplankton begged to read his comedies, as well as members who accidently stumbled into the comedy and decided to read it. Reviews were positive, encouraging Zooplankton to make more chapters.

Zooplankton's humor was orignally silly and whacky, due to his nature as a newb. However, his later comedies would use more intelligent humor.

He has been known to suddenly stop a comedy or epic due to unexplained reasons, leaving the story at a cliffhanger. When he is ready to go back to the story, he simply makes a sequel, which continues from where he left off. This is not always the case, as Zooplankton sometimes wants to restart a series that he created, such as the epic "Terrifying events of Toa Slast", which he felt did not have good writing and was not following the rules of the canon story, so he stopped the series, only to restart it in his newest epic, "Toa Nynrah", which has the same story and plot as the epic it's based on, but with several major changes to characters, setting, and style of writing.

Zooplankton is currently writing an epic called Toa Nynrah, which he plans not to suddenly stop. He also plans to make Dorks 'r' Us 3 and restart the Balta and Krekka comedy.

Comedies by ZooplanktonEdit

The Adventures of Balta and Krekka

Dorks 'r' Us

Dorks 'r' Us 2

Dorks 'r' Us 3 (upcoming)

The (New) Adventures of Balta and Krekka (upcoming)



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