Zaktan is a character in the TBTTRAH Series. He made his first appearance in Chapter 3 of The Bionicles Try To Run A House, and has been one of the most prominently featured characters since. Zaktan is the leader of the Piraka, as in Bionicle canon, as well as a good(and possibly only) friend of Pridak. Zaktan also carries a deep dislike for the Toa Inika, and has gotten into several fights with them throughout his stay at The House.


In the 1st season of TBTTRAH, Zaktan was primarily an antagonist, plotting evilly to get whatever he wanted and not worrying about the repercussions until it was far too late. Zaktan became less of a main villain as time went on, but he retained his sense of insanity and love for ridiculous destruction throughout the story.

In Aftermath, however, Zaktan is far more subtle when making mischief. Although he still jumps at the chance to create disorder occasionally, Zaktan seems to be less crazy and more thoughtful, taking the time to think things through and what the consequences could be before carrying out a plan. However, he is prone to lapses in judgment, such as when he climbed up a tree to hide the Piraka's stuff but failed to think of a way to get down(he was stuck in the tree for about a week because of it).

Despite being a Piraka, Zaktan is caring and compassionate for those who he feels deserve it. However, he gets incredibly angry when he feels that someone is being incompetent or lazy(typically Reidak) and has no problem yelling at them when they do act this way.

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