Xplode is a character in the TBTTRAH Series. He made his first appearance in 2010, in Aftermath, when he helped the Hero Factory sets try to take over the house. Ever since then, he has been a major character, involved in most of the big events of the house, and has become a fan favorite.


Xplode arrived with the rest of the Hero Factory sets in an attempt to take over the Bionicle's house. When that plan went south, Xplode began to tag along with some of the Hero Factory heroes, but left them when they decided to go with the Stars to try and kill Tahu. Xplode ended up stopping the mission himself, as he liked Tahu somewhat, though this feeling passed quickly.

Xplode eventually joined up with Pridak, and decided that he hated the Barraki, and began looking for a way to betray him. He found his chance when Pridak went on top of the roof, and Xplode followed him. When Pridak got close to the chimney, Xplode pushed Pridak in to a fire below(how he survived is unknown). Pridak hated Xplode because of that, and the two have had a rivalry ever since.

Later, Xplode and Pridak were (ironically) assigned by Tahu to remove the pool cover so that the Bionicles could begin the process of re-opening the pool for the summer. However, Pridak and Xplode ended up burning the pool cover instead, and as a consequence, Tahu told them they couldn't go on vacation unless they bought a new pool cover.

Xplode, Pridak, and Fire Lord, who the former two had talked into coming with them, all went to the pool store to steal a pool cover. Xplode and Fire Lord did pull off the robbery successfully, but as soon as they put the pool cover in the car, Pridak betrayed them and took off, leaving Xplode and Fire Lord behind. Not long after, however, Tahu and Vezok came along in their own car to buy some stuff from the pool store, and told Xplode and Fire Lord they could get a ride home with them. Xplode, however, decided that wasn't good enough, and, along with Fire Lord, stole Tahu and Vezok's car and went off to avenge Pridak.

Pridak eventually called Tahu's cell phone to try and frame Xplode, but Tahu had left his cell phone in the car that Xplode and Fire Lord had stolen. Fire Lord picked it up and talked with Pridak for a little while before telling Pridak that they were going to kill him. Pridak responded by telling them that he was headed for Mexico, and that the two would never find him there. And with that, Xplode and Fire Lord began chasing Pridak towards Mexico.

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