Vultraz's Journey Returns is the only planned main entry in The Journey, the 2011 third of The Vultraz Trilogy; however, the Great Comedy Crossover is going to be a sequel. The title of the comedy is a reference to the video game Donkey Kong Country Returns; however, like The New Vultraz's Diner referenced the original Vultraz's Diner, Vultraz's Journey Returns references the (abandoned) sequel, Vultraz's Journey.

Former TitleEdit

Vultraz's Journey Returns was originally known as Vultraz's Diner Redux, and then Vultraz's Diner: Dume Edition. However, the current title is the final one.

Originally the story was going to be composed of Vultraz being sent to jail, and upon escaping being forced by Dume to enter a Fight-to-the-Death tournament.

The StoryEdit

Vultra's Journey Returns ties up the stories told in Vultraz's Diner and The Reign of ALMIGHTY. Throughout the comedy, Vultraz relives several moments from each of the previous comedies, including the cancelled Vultraz vs. The World. It all leads up to Vultraz's final battle wih his arch-nemesis, ALMIGHTY.

More coming once available.

The CharactersEdit

-Main Characters-

Vultraz - The star of the show; in this comedy he is forced onto a voyage to Voya-Nui by Turaga Dume.

Turaga Dume - This comedy's main villain, and the one who forces Vultraz to go to Voya-Nui; out of all the main villains of The Vultraz Trilogy, he's the least active (though fans will note that Turaga have been extremely powerful before in the series....)

Mazeka - Vultaz's rival re-appears once more; this time, he's the leader of a gang hired by Turaga Dumer to keep Vultraz's Crew in line on the voyage to Voya-Nui.

Metus - A newcomer that was originally supposed to debut in Vultraz vs. The World, in this comdy Metus owns the ship that Vultraz takes to Voya-Nui; during the comedy, he becomes one of Vultraz's most trusted allies.

Jaller - Again Jaller appears as one of Vultraz's workers; like he was at the end of The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz (and he was supposed to be in Vultraz vs. The World), Jaller, like Metus, becomes another of Vultraz's most trusted allies.

More characters coming once available.

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