The (Poorly edited) mask of Vrf3

Virthee/Vrf3 first joined Bzpower as Vrf3, and still goes by that name. He has just recently returned to Bzpower after a three year break. He has started writing comedies after his epic was unsuccessful. He has become a medium quality author, not one of the best, but not among the worst. (Vrf3 wrote this)


Virthee/Vrf3's first attempt at Bionicle based writing was a short story. It was somewhat misspelled, and horribly formatted.(Yes, I wrote this -Vrf3) After his failed short story, Virthee/Vrf3 left Bzpower for three years. (Well, somewhat. I still visited, just never logged in -Vrf3) After his return, he wrote an epic. It did not turn out as well as he had planned. So Virthee/Vrf3, having failed at short stories and epics, decided to try comedies instead. His first comedy was with a cowriter, it was called T and V detectives and was written in script. It did not do very well, but still better than his epic. Afterward, he decided to try prose. He created The Legend Of Kayep, Defender of Onu-koro as an entry to the Library Summer Olympics 2010. Once it had left the first page, Virthee/Vrf3 wondered why people didn't like his writing, then realized the answer. He was using to much randomness. He tried mixing the plot of an epic, with the comedy of a comedy. It was his most popular work, reaching a second page. The sniper of BZpower, the result of that mixture reached four pages before ending, and has now gone into a sequel, which is doing even better.

Running JokesEdit

Virthee/Vrf3 has only written a few comedies, but already has a few running jokes. They include.

  • Tethrah's camera (In T and V Detectives)
  • Kayep seeing things strangely (In the Kayep series of comedies)
  • Vrf3's inability to correctly do anything. (In the V-3 line of comedies.
  • The inability of Whoop to die. (Sniper of BZPower 2)


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