Villains Carpooling was a short comedy written by ShadowBionics in 2006. It mainly revolved around Makuta Teridax and the difficulties he had in his life dealing with traffic and carpooling with other villains. Shadows unintentionally made it longer than it was meant to be due to the request of fans, but ended it after a number of weeks.


Makuta Teridax is carpooling with 3 other villains attempting to get to work, but they have to deal with numerous problems along the way, such as being taunted by the heroes of Bionicle (and in Teridax's case, by two children). He then tries to find other ways to deal with traffic, including a teleporter, carpooling with other villains, and so on, all of which fail him in one way or another.

Eventually, the a few of the villains have to go to court and Sidorak gets lost within the dimension that connects all the universes. Their fate is unknown, as ShadowBionics ceased production of the comedy. Plus, no one really remembers much about this comedy.


The first two chapters were really the most memorable of the series. As ShadowBionics only made it longer to suit the needs of his fans, it started to fall apart on itself and it folded in half, forcing Shadows to stop before it got out of hand. The comedy somewhat showed the randomness within Shadows, as well as his creative side as he worked to get the villains into situations to force them into outrageous carpooling problems. However, some complained it was too repetitive.



  • Sidorak
  • Roodaka
  • Cahdok
  • Gahdok
  • The Shadowed One
  • Lariska
  • Voporak
  • Brutaka
  • Makuta Teridax


  • Takanuva
  • Axonn
  • Tahu
  • Gali


  • This marks the first time ShadowBionics began to develop the character of The Shadowed One. The character would later appear in The Mask 2, A Day in the life of Teridax?, and later on in the The Shadowed One's Ridiculous Mission Trilogy.
  • Originally based off a sketch as seen on the sketch-based comedy series, Robot Chicken.
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