Vakama Maximus' alt

Vakama Mximus' current alt mode

Vakama Maximus' original alt

Vakama Maximus' original alt mode was like this, but with sirens and spoiler

Vakama Maximus is an Autotoabot in ManiacToaLaco's Transonicle series


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Transonicle 2: Revenge of IcaraxEdit

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Vakama Maximus, along with Hydraxhide, are the first Autotoabots to appear in Transonicle 2. Sometime between Transonicle and this story, Vakama Maximus, annoyed by his alt mode going out of production, changed it. Responding to an attack by Deceptikuta, the Autotoabots and PEST head to Ko-Metru. Vakama Maximus and Hydraxhide circle around, when the 80 foot tall Subbterranisher rolls out of the building. The Autotoabots pursue, and Matanui Prime shows up as well. Together, they kill the giant Deceptikuta, but not before he tells them that Icarax shall rise again. Vakama Maximus then shoots the Deceptikuta in the face, much to Matanui's annoyance.

Transonicle 3: The Ultimate DoomEdit

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Along with Tahuswipe, Hydraxhide and Phoenix Prime, Vakama Maximus helps stop a illegal Kanoka disk ring in Po-Metru. He returns to PEST headquarters to help, along with Hydraxhide, see the breif training (or something) of Nujack, Ramembolt, Jodkra, Johnson, iBrow, JackaL and LesoSpinn. During this, Nujack repairs Pohatubee's vocal processors, mush to everyone's amazement.


Vakama Maximus is fairly vain, being worried about his appearence, especially in his new alt mode. However, he does know how silly that is, so when the going gets tough and he gets knocked around, he knows the last thing to worry about is his appearence. For instance, his appearence was the last thing on his mind when Dreaddude bit his arm off in the battle of Lego City. He is also a brave fighter, putting his fellow Autotoabots first.


Vakama Maximus originally had a singal cannon, much like Pohatubee's, but in his new alt mode he got two pistols. He is not the most skilled Autotoabot in combat, but tries his best and is brave. He's usually partnered with Hydraxhide, and keeps the Deceptikuta off his friend's back while Hydraxhide mows down their lines.


  • He's the guest star form of Vakama Montana
  • He was quite damaged in the battle of Lego City, which might also explain why he chnaged his Alt mode
  • He is 25 feet tall
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