Vakama's Hateful Diary is a comedy made by Psychedelica(also known as Glatorian Jaller). The comedy is about Turaga Vakama's complaints about the people he has to live with. The comedy is new, starting in 2010, and has been known to be one of the "stranger" comedies.


The chapters themself consist of Vakama mentioning someone he is angry with, and then complaining about them and listing the particular reasons he feels annoyed towards them. Most of these complaints involve hitting on girls and killing rahi, which has, unsurprisingly, turned some people away from it. However, the people that have stuck with the story do think there is a underlying sense of humor in it, possibly in the fact that Vakama acts nothing like the Vakama from the movies.

CCC ReviewEdit

"Pros: I kinda of liked seeing the Bionicles portrayed in such a different way than they are into the movies. The paradox thing was pretty funny. The descriptions of Gresh were nicely done as well. And a well written prose comedy is always nice to see.

Cons: Possibly some suggestive humor...seems like there was a bit of a lack of funny in the chapter outside of the middle section. Maybe a spell checker could help as well .

Suggestions: Just try to include a few more jokes in the chapter. Making it longer is hard with prose comedies, so I won't go there, but it could use some more jokes. "

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