Vahki Academy is a scripted comedy by Protohuman. The series follows the lives of three Vahki in pre-Great Catacysim Metru Nui, working in the fictional 'Vahki Station'.

Vahki Academy


October 8th 2009

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The series takes place within a secret history in the original BIONICLE canon. An example of the secrets is the Dark Hunters invading Metru Nui at the finale of series one, but everyone's memories being erased, so the real-life fans will never have known of this. Also, a few changes have been made that nobody knew about, such as the Vahki being able to talk, and there being an actual building where they work.

The main three characters are Thac, Dologym and Hegwic, who work at the Vahki Station in Delta Squad, (which is often described as being for misfits).


*Thac is a lazy and slobby Vahki who joined the Force in the first episode. He develops a friendship with Dologym, but is commonly annoyed at his stupidity.

*Dologym is an unintelligent Vahki, who is (somehow) second in command of Delta Squad. His relationship with Thac is something of a silly comedy duo.

*Hegwic is the boss of Delta Squad. She takes her job in the Force seriously, and often tries to escape from Delta Squad and into a higher set. She is bossy, and once described as a 'Dragon Lady', but after a while she tones down. Her relationship with Thac is later explored in series two.

*Jugalug is the Matoran head of the Vahki Force. He is somewhat zany and eccentric.


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