Hey, everybody, ShadowBionics back with something that ISN'T the Shadows Soapbox.

Okay, since I now realize I shouldn't probably be cluttering up the wiki with all my stuff, I've created my own wiki, following in the same sort of light as Lewa0111... although I didn't make mine as a birthday present to anyone. No one ever comes to my birthday parties anyway. :'(

So anyway, I guess once those articles made by me are deleted, it won't be as cluttered. However, before anyone deletes them, allow me some time so I can transcribe whatever text is on them for whatever articles I make on my wiki. I didn't know what to call it, so it is the in case anyone would want to see it and how pitiful it looks. Really. I don't even know how to use it. The menu is all wrong and there are only like 2 articles on there.

Okay then thought i'd bring that up in case anyone's listening... if this is anything like the Soapbox, I bet only 1 person is listening... and BionicKing is only here to make fun of my voice... There's a reason I don't do voicework anymore... oh, well, good bye!