I, in all of my stupidity, did not think of doing this until just now.

To my Critics: Since the forums are offline right now, we can use here to continue our work with the CCC awards. I have most of the awards in, so we're close. iBrow, Is there any way you can re-send yours to me? I also have a couple that everyone needs to judge, either because the judge had an entry in that category, or there was contreversy, or because I miss-assigned, forgot to assign, or assigned it to more than one person. So once I get all of the choices in, we'll take a closer look. (I've saved the complete list of nominations if anyone needs a second look. Google cache is your friend!)

We may also want to start talking about the awards ceremony, and how we can improve for next year. Next up: Figuring out if I can send messages around here!

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