About meEdit

I am PurpleBouncy, for those of you who clicked on PurpleBouncy without bothering to notice what it said, and I write comedies on BZPower. I joined up in August 2010, and August 28, 2010, was when I debuted It's a Mad House, my epiccomedy (a comedy with a serious plot). I love writing it, and I plan to keep on writing it for a while.

Some stuff I reccomend reading that isn't by me is The Legend Reloaded (now on the archives) by my friend TNTOS, the TBTTRAH series by my friend MT, the Vultraz series by my friend ibrow, Tahu vs. Tahu (also by ibrow), the V-3 series by The Dark Chronicler, The Sniper of BZPower saga, also by him, and the other GCC comedies, as well as anything else by those authors. Great stuff. Oh, and JL's writing.

I created the Great Comedy Crossover (named by MT though), which is pretty much dead. Sorry about that, but having a bunch of different people work on it didn't exactly make it easy.

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