Two and a Half Toa is Venom: DC's second comedy and first spoof. It is a spoof of Two and a Half Men. Read


Tahu has it all, a Malibu beach house, money, and Teridax there to clean after him. But when Gali kicks out Pohatu, he comes to his brother Tahu for a place to stay. Thats okay. But... he brings his son, Domino, with him! Maid Teridax narrates as comedy ensues.


  • Tahu/Charlie
  • Pohatu/Alan
  • Domino/Jake
  • Teridax/Berta
  • Gali/Judith


  1. Welcome to my house Spongebob.
  2. Will the real taterhead please stand up?
  3. When things get tough, move to your brother's house!


  • As in the show, the title of each chapter is a quote from the chapter.
  • The chapters end with "Toaaaa..."
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