Three Matoran, Three Deceptikuta, some crabs and a bucket was a contest entry written by ManiacToaLaco. It takes place in MTL's Transonicle canon, being an original spoof of Micheal Bay's Transformer's series. It takes place sometime after Transonicle 2: Revenge of Icarax

The plotEdit

Three Matoran features three Matoran as the protagonists, Nixie, Nuhrii and Nuparu, all three appearing in the original Transonicle as minor characters. For some unknown reason, the three are walking to the Coliseum in Metru-Nui. However, they cannot find due to smoke/smog, and are lost. They stumble across a tank, a motorcycle and a truck, actually the Deceptikuta Panrashot, Enderth and Daedulus in disguise. Nuhrii attempts to hotwire Enderth, who does not approve and throws Nuhrii off. The three Deceptikuta, who are there for unkown reasons aswell (presumably to spy on Jaller) transmoc and threaten the Matoran, after Hahli puts a bucket on Panrashot's tank turret.

The Matoran run for their lives, and Panrashot orders Enderth and Daedulus to give chase. Daedulus follows the Matoran as they stumble into a yard containing a yellow camaro, a Ta-Matoran and a Ga-Matoran (actually the Autotoabot Pohatubee with Jaller and Hahli). After a breif conversation, Daedulus runs into the yard. Pohatubee transmocs and fights Daedulus. The go onto the street, where Daedulus hits Pohatubee with a bus. Pohatubee flies onto the ground before Panrashot, and Daedulus and Enderth walk behind the tank Deceptikuta. Panrashot prepares to fire on Pohatubee, but forgets about the bucket on his tank turret. The explosion sends him flying back, into Daedulus and Enderth, and into a Manas crab pen, where the crabs "greet" the new arrivals.

The story ends with Lewa and Tahu discussing it, with Tahu being quite confused with the story. Lewa insists that it's real.


See Minor or Reascurring Deceptikuta, Transonicle 2: Revenge of Icarax, Transonicle 3: The Ultimate Doom



  • Panrashot
  • Enderth
  • Daedulus


  • Jaller
  • Hahli
  • Nuhrii
  • Nuparu
  • Nixie


  • This story features mainly Matoran, which is unusual for a Transonicle story. Mostly the first few chapters of Transonicle featured mainly Matoran
  • Pohatubee, Jaller and Hahli are not named, but for some reason none of the three main Matoran in this story recognize them. Nixie and Nuparu met Jaller and Hahli breifly in the Canyon of UnEnding Whispers, and Nuhrii used to date Hahli.
  • The "Were you a doctor on TV?" bit and Jaller's response was a reference to a Monty Python sketch featuring a rather nasty dictator
  • This story introduced Panrashot, a guest star who appears in Transonicle 3, and possibly in Transonicle Re-mastered
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