&nbsp The Vultraz Trilogy was until recently known as the Vultraz Series; it's the overall storyline of the Comedy character Vultraz. Vultraz's Diner and Vultraz's Journey make up the 2009 part; The New Vultraz's Diner, The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz, and the cancelled (but still canon) Vultraz vs. The World make up the 2010 part; and Vultraz's Journey Returns along with The Great Comedy Crossover make up the 2011 part.

By Click23

The banner for the un-published Vultraz vs. The World, which is canonically the final installment of The Vultraz Trilogy. The banner was made by Click23.

Vultraz's Diner "The Original Series"Edit

What is considered by most to be the first appearance of Vultraz's Diner, though they are wrong- a comedy by the title of Vulltraz's Diner was released on a site other than BZPower back in June of 2008 (and is not a part of The Vultraz Trilogy), and the 2009 Vultraz's Diner was essentially a re-make of that. Which'll make Vultraz's Diner Anniversary Edition a re-make of a re-make. Let's go for a third and have Vultraz-ception!

Vultraz's Diner/Vultraz's Diner Anniversary EditionEdit

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Vultraz's JourneyEdit

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The Reign of ALMIGHTYEdit

The big point of this year's story was the introduction of ALMIGHTY, the ultimate comedy villain.

The New Vultraz's DinerEdit

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The Hilarious Misadventures of VultrazEdit

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Vultraz vs. the WorldEdit

  • This comedy was cancelled, but the general plot was kept; what lies below is currently exclusive information.
  • Although originally intended to be the conclusion to The Reign of ALMIGHTY, iBrow has since decided that when/if this comedy is released, it will simply be the final installment of The Vultraz Trilogy.
  • If a movie is made based on The Vultraz Trilogy, the movie will be Vultraz vs. The World, and iBrow will release a comedy based on the movie afterwards.

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The JourneyEdit

The story of Vultraz's journey to Voya-Nui, and then his subsequent journeys through different dimensions.

Vultraz's Journey ReturnsEdit

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The Great Comedy CrossoverEdit

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Project VEdit

  • Project V, when it is released, will be a part of The Journey even though it'll be released in 2012; along the same lines, if Vultraz vs. The World is ever published it'll "officially" be a part of The Reign of ALMIGHTY even though that was the 2010 story.

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