The Void is a location in the TBTTRAH Series. It first appeared in Season 8 of Aftermath, after the Toa Zehvor sealed The Dark Lord away on distant planet. MT, JL, and Kpik travel there to find a way in search of help from The Center, which created it and makes it's headquarters there.


The Void is located on a distant moon on the fringe of charted space, far out of the reach of the IUPD or the Terna. The Center first created it about one million years ago, after a plan to bring Xenon under their control failed when their three super Toa were defeated. The Center moved there because they felt they had lost their power, and as such, they would simply spend the rest of their days studying history and possibly perfecting it within the boundaries of their own moon.


The Void itself consists of thousands upon thousands of sub-worlds within it, all of which are meant to recreate a different society or an important event in history. The Center uses these different hubs to study what type of societies work and which ones don't. A hub is allowed to last as long as it is functioning by standards deemed acceptable by the Center: As soon as the quality of the society drops below those standards, it is erased.


  • Mention of The Center, along with The Void, was first released to the public on the action-comedy "JL's Story", not Aftermath.
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