The Skirmix show is a comedy written by Kung fu rahkshi destroyer. It centers around the Rock Steed Skirmix, and sometimes Ratty too. Ratty used to try and take over the show before he found out that he was the secondary character. There will be at least 2 seasons of the show. It was inspired by all the other show comedys, but was made differently, making it more original than most other show comedys.


Skirmix at some point in time quits just being another Rock Steed and decides to host a show with varied sections, which now includes the new comedy skit section. Ratty instantly tries to take over, but after a few episodes, finds out that he is the second most important character on the show and now works as an assistant host. The segments, in order, are:

Comedy skit

Ask Skirmix


Musical number.

It also includes out-of-section humor. The show originally recieved critisism, but has since gained better qualities and comments.




Various GS's

Crew members.

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