The Nuva Inn is a comedy created by Lewa0111 on April 6, 2006. The Nuva Inn is Lewa#'s first comedy, and a major sucess in the comedy forums. In addition, it was also the first comedy to start the "hotel comedy" fad.

A Brief SummaryEdit

The Nuva Inn, created in 2006, is one of the most famous and popular comedies in the Comedies Forum. at a current count of 11 pages and over four years of entertainment, this comedy is still a classic.

The story begins with the Toa Nuva and Takanuva (the main characters) building a hotel, in order to make money. Two of the first running jokes in the comedy are also established in this chapter. Although there is no overlying plot, there are several misadventures to keep the Toa busy. Some include going to the moon and eventually finding a bad Star Wars spoof, going on a quest with the cast from Ask Matau!, having a war with Gresh over a centi-widget (actually, that's just Lewa), aquiring some condos to add to the hotel, hiring a variety of guest stars, and having an adventure similar to the web serial Destiny War.

There are several guest stars in this comedy, including BEC, his pet Fred (a plant control kraata), Toongie, and Soren. Fred and BEC are still around as permanent guest stars, and there have been many more.

Running Jokes in this comedy are endless.

  • Takanuva and Kopaka. Whenever Takanuva says "No." (which is often,) Kopaka screams.
  • Zaktan throwing people into trash cans whenever anyone insults himself or the Piraka in general.
  • BEC's Sugar delivery at 2:29 PM.
  • O RLY?, a BZP member who bops people over the head when they say his name.
  • The Giant Inflatable Monkey.
  • The number 9,321, which appears in many of Lewa0111's comedies.
  • Linva the anvil
  • Pohatu saying that he like exclamation points and questions marks put together.
  • And, of course, Turaga Matau's copyrighted phrase. Followed closely by Keetongu's exclamation that he has copyrights copyrighted. (This, however, originated in The Bionicles And Me).
  • Pohatu being forced to carry large numbers of heavy items (bricks, rocks, anvils, etc.) up the stairs.
  • CHUGALABANIGERF! :D (Onua's catchphrase, apparently).

Top QuotesEdit

Right now, there are too many chapters to look through, and we'll need opinions of all the readers! Let us know what your top quotes are! (that, and I'm too lazy to look through all 75+ chapters right now...)

CCC ReviewEdit

The Comedy Critics Club has not reviewed this comedy as of yet.

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