The Number 47 is a short comedy written by ShadowBionics that is a spoof of the Jim Carey movie The Number 23, and also makes fun of Shadows' phobia of the number 47 itself.


Gresh starts to read a children's book one day that revolves around a rabbit and 47 carrots. Fearful, he goes to Tajun and talks to Tarix and Kiina, thinking the number 47 has some sort of meaning to his life. He then adds up the numbers of birthdays to certain people, claiming they equal 47. Tarix, however, combats they don't and that Gresh is just bad at math. Gresh continues to be persistant, arguing that the number is everywhere. He demonstrates this by adding up numbers of important dates (for example, 9/16/03, When Bionicle: Mask of Light was released), circling the 47th word on the 47th page of every magazine, counting quantities of objects, and so on (all of which mean nothing and don't have anything to do with the number 47)

Gresh slowly starts to go insanse and even lashes out at his friends and even attempts to kill Tarix, who believes that Gresh only needs a tutor to help him in math to make him feel less afraid.


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The comedy was only one post long and didn't leave much of a mark on the BZPower library. Some found it humorous how Gresh didn't know math, but also commented it would get old if it lasted like this for more than a chapter.


  • Gresh
  • Tarix
  • Kiina


  • ShadowBionics ues s fear of the number 47 itself in the making of this comedy
  • ShadowBionics features he actual birthdays of himself, Natalie Horler, and the other celebrities mentioned this comedy.
  • ShadowBionics onced considered making this into a video, as with a few of his other comedies. He scrapped the idea after he saw how poorly the comedy did and because of the lack of interest from other members.
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