The Mask: Anniversary Edition is a comedy written by ShadowBionics to commemorate his original and first comedy, The Mask, from 2006. It is an updated version of the comedy that uses characters from A Day in the life of Teridax? while at the same time maintiaing the original text of the comedy's first chapter.

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Teridax calls a meeting for all members and servants to the Brotherhood of Makuta to discuss what to do with The Mask of Light (which he claims he stole when it was actually Kojol). The members bicker among themselves until Teridax calls order, as persuaded by Gorast. Spiriah then suggests to bury the mask outside of Destral. Teridax agrees and after thrteatening Kojol to get his equipment, goes out to bury the mask personally by himself, much to Gorast's dismay.


The comedy serves as an homage to the original comedy The Mask, although fixed up. ShadowBionics describes is as what the comedy woul be like if he were to write it in this current day and age. Back then, as there weren't any names for other Makuta, he referred to the other Makuta by numbers. Since then, more Makuta were introduced into the storyline, so he sought to fix the comedy so that it fit with the actual story while at the same time remaining true to its roots.


  • ShadowBionics originally rewrote the first chapter of The Mask in chapter 95 of A Day in the life of Teridax?, which was sadly lost in The Great Dataclysm. He used the same idea to try his hand at writing this comedy "again."
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