A comedy made by MakutaKlak, "The Krika Show" is a variety topic on BZPower. Here, an emotionally unstable Makuta, Krika, attempts to maintain his and everyone's sanity as he hosts the show with his Rahkshi son (the Stars Rahkshi, mind you) and Makuta Chirox

In the show, many topics are crossed. From having your usual ask column, interviewing Bionicle celebrities, to basically having random bursts of nonsensicality. If that is even a word.

This comedy is one of the few to have multiple guest stars in one episode, offend Belgian rugs, and go boldy where few have gone before.

Its style of humor usually runs between your average slapstick, to screwball.

Season 1Edit

What? We have seasons? Oh...ahem. In the first season, Krika, Stars Rahkshi, Chirox, and Klak all start having insane adventures. They have ask columns, break the fourth wall, interview heroes and villains (mostly the latter), make allusions to famous shows and fanboy wars (I'm looking at you 'Twilight' and HF vs Bionicle discussions!), get kidnapped, break the fourth wall, and break the fourth wall.

What? You want a more detailed summary? Sheesh! Go read the comedy!

Cast and CrewEdit

Krika: The main host of the show, and an overly depressive Makuta from Bionicle '08. He usually bursts into tears when things go wrong, and complains about almost everything.

Chirox: Another '08 Makuta who is has a Doofenschmirtz complex, and is a co-host of the show. He is constantly switching between an American accent to a German one, and always insults someone. Chirox is a mean, lean, evil scientist machine.

Stars Rahkshi: Not as dumb as your average Rahkshi, this little guy always has a heart for helping his fellow Bionicle. He co-hosts the show with his dad, and constantly tries to maintain things in order....unless someone crosses him. Usually, continuity errors are noticed only by him. Stars Rahkshi, however, remains a romanticist.

Miserix: A constant guest star in the show, Miserix (or Miss Ericks) is one of Krika's archenemies, and a really threatening dude. He is played by Commander Phantom.

Teridax: Another guest star (written by MakutaKlak) who is basically the sponsor and boss of the show. At first, he was a universe, until Bionicle 2010 happened. Now, Teridax is an epic villain who still goes off and pretends to be a universe.

Klak: The writer and manager of the show, Klak wants everything to run smoothly. Of course, with Bionicle characters, this is never possible. He usually fixes errors, or helps his hosts whenever needed. Klak is extremely handsome, and I am not saying that because he's me.

Metus: Traitor of Bara Magna, Metus usually appears on the show to be a troll. However, in one chapter, he was actually interviewed. Go figure.

Cameraman: An incompetent fool who deserves the job he gets: film the show, wherever it goes. He sometimes gets distracted by the slightest of things.

More to come!

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