The Hotel is a major location in the TBTTRAH Series. It first appeared in The Bionicles Try To Run A House, in 2007, and has since been the 2nd most popular area in the series, behind The House. The hotel itself is a Best Western(with "Bionicle" taped over the "Best" part on the sign) that the Bionicles took over after a short raid. Since then, the hotel has been the site of many important events throughout the series, and is the premier "location" spot for the Bionicles.

The Bionicles Try To Run A HouseEdit

The hotel was first visited by the Bionicles around Chapter 10 of TBTTRAH, when Tahu decided that the Bionicles needed a place to take a vacation. He picked a random hotel to take over, and, after a successful invasion, claimed it as his own. After a short skirmish with Makuta and a Toa of Shadows, the Bionicles left and went home.

Later, the hotel was returned to when Makuta attempted to take over the House. Some of the Bionicles, lead by MT, attacked the hotel, which Makuta was using as his base of operations. All of the Makuta, save for Teridax, were killed, and the hotel was left alone. Before the Bionicles returned to the house, however, they found they had won a contest that Makuta had entered for a luxury resort.

Almost ThereEdit

After Mete destroyed the House, some of the Bionicles, including the Toa Mistika and Sub Zero, fled to the hotel in an attempt to save themselves from his rampage. They used the hotel as a place to construct an escape rocket, and then left just as Mete and his newfound army entered the building.


After the House was restored, the Bionicles took a vacation to the hotel, which turned out to be a fun trip for the first few days. However, they were attacked by Nightmare, who disguised himself as an Omega Turtle. Nightmare kidnapped Tahu, nearly destroyed four Zehvor and left another one unconscious before being chased off by Brenmac.

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