The Great Dataclysm is an event on BZPower that took place during the middle of March of 2009. After the possibility of a hacker attack, the forums were taken offline. Every post from September 28th, 2008 to March 2009 was lost.


Sometime during March of 2009, the forums started experiencing some major issues such as sluggishness and were mysteriously taken offline. A few weeks later, the forums were reinstated, but to the shock of many members, all of the topics and posts made between September of 2008 and March of 2009 were lost, as if they never existed.

Comedy writer Lewa0111 discovered a way to restore some topics using the cache feature on the Google search engine. However in some cases, not all topics could be successfully saved and to this day and remain lost.


A good number of topics and posts were lost during this time, including many made by comedy writers. It has discouraged some writers from continuing while it has only driven others to try and restore their works to their former glory. None the less, it remains a dark day that sticks in the minds of many members on BZPower and is still spoken about every so often.


  • Lewa0111 is credited for being the one for discovering how some topics remained in the cache feature of the Google search engine. BZPower even thanked him in an article.
  • ShadowBionics refers to this event as "The Ides of March," after the Shakespeare play, Julius Ceaser. "The Ides of March" refers to the middle of March (around the day of the 15 or so), about the same time the Great Dataclysm took place.
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