The Dark Chronicler

The Dark Chronicler's Kanohi

The Dark Chronicler is a comedy writer who has written many stories on BZP, including an failed epic.


The Sniper of BZPowerEdit

The Sniper of BZPower is the first of a three part series of comedies. The story revolves around a group of BZPower members trying to unravel the mystery of a Sniper banning members across BZPower. Though not everything is as it seems, and as they come closer to catching the Sniper, a much more dangerous plot is revealed.

The Sniper of BZPower 2Edit

The Sniper of BZPower 2 is the second part of the three part series of comedies. The story picks up where the original Sniper of BZPower ended. And the Sniper has returned, attacking once again. BZPower members band together to stop him, and rescue one of their own. But the story will never be the same, as the final chapter holds the ultimate betrayal.

A V-3 _____Edit

The V-3 series is a group of currently two comedies. They are based on the Sniper of BZPower, and often have the same characters. It involves V-3 (TDC), his brother Te3e, and Makuta Junkyard prepairing for a holiday, with chaotic results.

T and V DetectivesEdit

T and V Detectives was A comedy Co-written by Te3e and TDC. It was his favorite comedy to write, and though it is still going, it has not had a chapter in a long time. Due to a lack of ideas for chapters, and no one seeming to read it, the comedy slowly faded away. Though a new chapter is planned for when BZP returns.

The Legends of KayepEdit

The legends of kayep is a series of Comedies written about a Matoran who sees everything in a different way. From fighting a Manas, to outrunning a savage Muaka Tiger, Kayep's adventures always have a twist. TDC has two new Legends of Kayep ready for when BZP returns,

Upcoming comediesEdit

Slyth's Ultimate Guide to Being a Good CitizenEdit

A united creation between The BIONICLE Hero and The Dark Chronicler. A story about a town that gets thrown into chaos. It is currently being written and posted, and will be transfered to BZPower when it returns.

The reward for kindnessEdit

The first sad comedy planned and mostly written by TDC. It will be a story about a Toa falling to his death. The Toa explains how he ended up where he is, and how although all he wanted to do was help others, he is going to die for his work.

He is currently planning another comedy named R & R, which he has given little information about.

  • During the downtime, he has written a large list of comedies, varying from One-post, to multichapter stories. And has began work on a Epic based, highly serious comedy, staring the Characters from his Kayep line of comedies.

The Dark Chronicler joined BZP on January 6, 2007, and has racked up over 2000 posts in the time since.

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