The Bionicles Try To Run a Mansion, or TBTTRAM, is a comedy written by MT Zehvor and is the fourth main installment of the TBTTRAH series. It began on January 15, 2013, and is currently running, having passed its sixth month anniversary recently. Despite MT's incredible laziness at getting new chapters up, it has still been a fairly popular comedy on the forum, having amassed nearly 100 replies despite a mere 20 chapters being released.


TBTTRAM picks up directly after the end of Aftermath 2. Almost all of the Bionicles have been killed in the final battle for the house, and the few remaining survivors have fled to a mansion in Hawaii where they seek to start a new life in a mansion myseteriously gifted to them. Shortly after arriving, the Piraka come across a secret path in the basement, which leads them to a powerful mask of some sort. Possession of this mask goes on to spark a war between the Bionicles in the mansion and a group of Hero Factory sets across the street, who placed the mask deep underground for safe keeping. This war serves as the driving theme for the first season, especially after some HF sets who came with the Bionicles originally defect after interference from Pridak causes a large misunderstanding.

Main CharactersEdit

Tahu: The leader of the Bionicles, and the only Toa survivor from the conflict. Usually hot headed, he runs a car washing business in his spare time.

Samus Aran: A bounty hunter who, when not hunting bounties, tries her hardest to keep Pridak from ruining things.

Pridak: A mischeavous Barraki who generally dislikes just about everyone and makes that known. Despite this, he has had some heroic moments in the past. Also partially responsible for causing Xplode's defection.

Xplode: A Hero Factory villain who doesn't get along well with Pridak. This was only exacerabated when he defected to the Hero Factory sets army.

Piraka: A group of fun loving, adventurous morons.


TBTTRAM has generally been received very well. It has received high marks from nearly all who've come across it, partially due for the big choice by MT to avoid taking it in a serious direction at all like Aftermath and Aftermath 2 were. 

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