The Bionicles Try To Run A Nation is the 2nd comedy written by Toa Zehvor MT, and the 2nd in the TBTTRAH Series. It is a "dream" of sorts, in the sense that all of it takes place inside the Bionicles' heads. The "dream" itself was caused by a Toa named Poptart accidentally releasing a large cloud of Xenon that knocked most of the Bionicles out and sent them into a coma, where they all had the same, strange dream.

Like in any TBTTRAH series, the Bionicles are the tiny, plastic variety(unless they leave the planet, and in that case they turn into their regular lifelike size)


In the beginning of the dream, the time is fastforwarded to 2012. Tahu Nuva, for some reason, decides to run for president. He does so, and wins over the hearts of every single voter in the country with a outrageous promise to give everyone who votes for him an X-Box 360. He wins the election easily, and enters the white house, ready to begin a new presidency. The other Bionicles don't take long to start causing trouble, and after a fierce battle between the Piraka and Inika ends up ruining one of the rooms, many of the Bionicles decide to return to the house. Tahu Nuva is later impeached and removed from the white house, but doesn't stay out long. He hatches a plan to take the presidency back, and does so, removing the next president by force, and bringing the rest of the Nuva with him.

Comedy StoppedEdit

The comedy was discontinued in 2008, a few months after it started. MT gave no clear reason as for why he did this, although TBTTRAH lore suggests that the Xenon in the air may have stopped affecting the unconscious Bionicles' dreams around this time. Whatever the case, MT has no plans to restart it any time soon.

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