The Bionicles Try To Run A Luxury Resort, often abbreviated to "TBTTRALR," was a BZP comedy written in 2008. It was co-authored by multiple members of the Toa Zehvor, and was considered to be the greatest co-authoring success in the history of the TBTTRAH Series. The comedy was ended abruptly at the hands of the Dataclysm in late 2008.


At the end of Chapter 242 of The Bionicles Try To Run A House, the Bionicles find out that Makuta Teridax randomly entered a competition to win a luxury resort, and since Makuta was defeated, they are now the owners. TBTTRALR revolves around the Bionicles, mainly the Piraka and Barraki, spending time in the Luxury Resort.


TBTTRALR was, surprisingly, one of the best received comedies in the TBTTRAH Series' history. TBTTRALR was voted "the most wanted a remake of" by fans in 2009. No plans have been announced for a new TBTTRALR, however.

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