The Bionicles Try To Run A Business is the third installment of the TBTTRAH Series, and had arguably the best start of any comedy in the series. It, like The Bionicles Try To Run A Nation, occurs in a dream, and involves the Bionicles starting a coffee business. The comedy lasted for a little while, but was eventually dropped by MT, because of his work on The Bionicles Try To Run A House. Like the other installments in the TBTTRAH series, the Bionicles are toy size unless they leave Earth.


Tahu, leader of the house, is eventually forced to move in as boss of a new business after MT buys it in his name. The business is relatively successful, although some of the groups forced to work there(including the Piraka) aren't happy, and wreak havoc to make their complaints known. The company is eventually sued out of business by Microsoft, and the dream continues into TBTTRAH, where the Bionicles attack Microsoft to gain revenge.

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