The Architect is a six part comedy/comic/epic crossover series to be released by OTS in summer of 2012. The story revolves around 4 "races" of Matoran who all live on the broken planet of Kyrell-3. The races are all attempting to gain an artifact known as the "Architect," which will restore their planet and give them the power to wipe out the other 3 races of Matoran.


The 6 "versions" are all different topics, in other words, each race has it's own topic chronicling its encounters with the other tribes. The six versions have been codenamed: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. These have been confirmed to be the final names, and each one will be authored by a different member of the project.


Makuta of Comedy, Gorgnak, tent163phantoka, Kpik, and Shadrahk have been confirmed as authors. Despite popular belief, MT will not be an author of any of the different versions. Rather, he is acting as a director type figure, who oversees the entire project and make sure each version fits in with the other versions and that they all fit in with the TBTTRAH storyline.

What the Fans ExpectEdit

OTS fan (who is slowly learning the ins and outs of OTS, considering their widespread works) PurpleBouncy has said, and I quote: "I'm really excited to see how it works from different perspectives. I like the versions thing-like Pokemon, only BZPer and funnier, and possibly, epic-er."

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