&nbsp The Adventures of Balta and Krekka was a comedy by author Zooplankton on December 19, 2006. It was Zooplankton's first comedy. The story was about Balta and Krekka, as the title suggests, but the story started to focus on the guest stars, rather than Balta and Krekka. Because it was his first comedy, it had lots of silly and random humor, however, every chapter had some funny, non-random humor. The comedy suddenly stopped in production of chapters, as many rookie comedies do. Zooplankton has promised to restart the comedy with better humor and no randomness, which will be called The (New) Adventures of Balta and Krekka.


The comedy is about Balta and Krekka, who are roomates, having wacky adventures. While Balta is cynical and 'smart', Krekka is extremely dumb. The characters also ran into guest stars that usually only escalated the problem. Later chapters in the comedy, Balta and Krekka would hang out with guest stars. The series ends as a unintentional cliffhanger.


  • Balta
  • Krekka
  • Orange Vesok (guest star)
  • Toa Krakua the Zivon Rider (guest star)
  • Biodude89 (guest star)
  • Zooplankton (guest star)
  • Hooleo the Leopard Gecko
  • Eskura (guest star)
  • Matau


  • The Advenutes of Balta and Krekka was Zooplankton's first comedy.
  • Zooplankton still has no idea why he picked Balta and Krekka.
  • A few themes in Adventures of Balta and Krekka would later occur in the less random, Dorks 'r' Us.
  • A few guest stars that appeared in this comedy would later appear in Dorks 'r' Us. Also, Hooleo the Leopard Gecko first appeared here before appearing as a main character in Dorks 'r' Us.
  • Because Zooplankton feels like the comedy was not his best work, he is going to completely restart the story in a new comedy known as The (New) Adventures of Balta and Krekka.


The Adventures of Balta and Krekka by Zooplankton on

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