The (New) Adventures of Balta and Krekka is an upcoming comedy by author Zooplankton. It is a restart of the comedy "The Adventures of Balta and Krekka", and is not a sequel to the orignal. Unlike the orignal, it will not have random and silly jokes, and will be far more intelligent. Also, Zooplankton has said that he will try to not include guest stars in the comedy, after what happened in the orignal comedy. The exact date of it's launch is unknown, though it should be made by September 2010.


The comedy shows the daily life of roomates, Balta and Krekka. While Balta is intelligent but also cynical, Krekka is dumb but also stupid. Not much else is known at this time.



  • Zooplankton intends to give this comedy a proper ending, unlike the orignal comedy.
  • Zooplankton plans to avoid guest stars, though for many reasons, the main reason is that the guest stars would often take the spotlight off of Balta and Krekka as they did in The Adventures of Balta and Krekka.
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