tent163phantoka's Chimoru spritesheet. His spritesheet differs from kit to kit.

tent163phantoka is a comedy writer and comic maker on BZPower, and a member of both OTS and the CCC. He is also the one responsible for some of the "we love you Lego Company: thanks for Bionicle" banners that have been circulating around BZPower. He posts in green text and dislikes it when the "t" in his name is capitalized. He has one currently going comedy,Seventies Magna.


tent163phantoka joined OTS in 2011 and was immediately assigned to the red version of the Architect. He is currently working out the details with MT.


  • tent is an avid Trekkie( his favorite movie being a tie between Star Trek V:The Final Frontier and the new 2009 movie)
  • tent is Autistic, and, in his own words, "darn proud of it."
  • tent has an older sister with PDD-NOS who is going to John's Hopkins University next year( and he's "darn proud of that too.").
  • tent enjoys classic rock.
  • tent also enjoys sitcoms.
  • He also likes Invader ZIM.
  • tent also parodies the beginnings of various classic rock songs at the beginnings of his CCC reviews.
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