The season 1 banner, made by Cherixon. It is also used as the series' main banner, though that may change in the future.

Tahu vs. Tahu: Zero is pretty much the Tahu vs. Tahu version of Transonicle Re-Mastered. iBrow is re-writing and editting Seasons 1 and 2 of Tahu vs. Tahu and posting them as this comedy on the new forums to attract new fans, correct mistakes, and add bonus content that wasn't thought of at the time of release. Depending on how long it takes to re-write Seasons 1 and 2, iBrow may include Season 3 in Tahu vs. Tahu: Zero as well. However, doing so would have to mean that Seasons 1 and 2 wouldn't be finished until around November of 2012.

Season 1: Civil War ChangesEdit

In Season 1 the most major changes are to occur during the Guest Star segment of Chapters 4-6, however minor changes will occur during the rest of the season.

Chapter 1Edit

Changes include the opening scene that takes place in 2001, telling of a mysterious red and orange figure beginning Tahu Mata's being built (revealed in Season 3 to be the Tahu Mata from the Nex Paradox) and an extended meeting determining the leader of the Bionicle sets.

Chapter 2Edit

Coming Soon.

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