Tahu vs. Tahu: The Tournament is a mini series in the Tahu vs. Tahu series, first released in April of 2011, just after the conclusion of Invasion (Season 2). When the forums went offline until October, the comedy went on hiatus and has yet to be re-released.

Round 1 (Quarter Finals)Edit

Matchups - Round 1

The competitors in round one of the Tournament.

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 focus on round one of the tournament, with two fights being featured in chapters one and two, and four fights being featured in chapter 3. The matchups are:

Tahu Mata's Side

Maxilos (1st) vs. Tahu Nuva (8th)

Tahu Mata (2nd) vs. Tarix (7th)

Lewa Mata (3rd) vs. Strakk (6th)

Zaktan (4th) vs. Antroz Phantoka (5th)

Tahu Stars' Side

Irnakk (1st) vs. Kazi (8th)

Takanuva Stars (2nd) vs. Nuju Metru (7th)

Pridak (3rd) vs. Ahkmou (6th)

Tahu Stars (4th) vs. Mantax (5th)

The victors of round one so far have been Maxilos, Tahu Mata, Irnakk, and Takanuva Stars.

Round 2 (Semi-Finals)Edit

Chapter four focuses on round two, with four fights being featured. Combatants revealed so far are:

Tahu Mata's Side

Maxilos (1st) vs. ???

Tahu Mata (2nd) vs. ???

Tahu Stars' Side

Irnakk (1st) vs. ???

Takanuva Stars (2nd) vs. ???

Round 3 (Army Finals)Edit

Chapter five focuses on round three, with two fights being featured. All information on the fighters participating in round three with be revealed in chapter four.

Round 4 (Finals)Edit

Chapter six will focus on round four, with the battle between the two finalists being featured. The two finalists will be revealed in chapter five, and the winner of this round will be the winner of the very first Tahu vs. Tahu Tournament.

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