Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath is the second part of the highly successful comedy Tahu vs. Tahu, written by iBrow. When the BZPower forums went offline in April 2011 and then came back in October, the decision was made to just post a new topic. While the first part included Seasons 1, 2, and their associated PSAs, Specials, and Interviews, the second part will include Seasons 3 and 4.

Aftermath (Season 3)Edit

Season 3 - Aftermath

The season 3 banner, made by Cherixon. An alternate banner is in the works.

Deconstruction (Season 4)Edit

Coming Soon.


  • The subtitle of Season 3, Aftermath, is a reference to the comedies Aftermath and Aftermath 2 by Toa Zehvor MT.
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