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Tahkan Metra's alt

Tahkan Metra is an Autotoabot in ManiacToalaco's Transonicle series.


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Tahkan is one of the first Autotoabots to land on the Matoran planet, and due to the fact he doesn't see an alt mdoe he likes, he sticks with his original one.

Transonicle 2: Revenge of Icarax

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Transonicle 3: The Ultimate Doom

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Tahkan Metra is charged with watching Sleedat's forces in the Tohu Memorial park. Ramembolt shows up and breifly talks with Tahkan, before the two see a ship land in the Memorial, and Makutatron come out of it.


Tahkan Metra is gruff and rather cynical, although not nearly to the violent extremes of Hydraxhide. Being one of only a few Autotoabots who can fly, he is often worked hard, providing air support in conjunction with Phoenix Prime. He's not overly fond of the Matoran, although he won't let anything happen to them on his watch.


Being only one of a few Autotoabots who can fly, and therefore provides air support, Tahkan is one the most heavily armed Autotoabots.

In robot mode he has

  • A heavy machine gun
  • A rocket pod (basically a rocket launcher that shoots 6 mini rockets at one
  • One heavy rifle
  • Blade things on his arms

In his Ussanui alt mode, he has

  • 2 heavy machine guns
  • Homing rockets
  • Bombs
  • Well strengthed front, so he can ram things

Although he can't take as much damage as Hydraxhide, Tahkan moves much fast and dish out lots before he's stopped. His role in battles is often overlooked, even though he takes on dozens of Deceptikuta at once (such as Nihiscream's Strikers), allowing the Autotoabot's to not have to worry about death from above.


  • He is the guest star form of Xykena
  • One of the only Autotoabots to not take an Matoran planet alternate form, instead sticking with his Metrutronion mode
  • Other characters often imply that Tahkan might be the least friendly Autotoabot towards Matoran