TM is a villain in the TBTTRAH Series, appearing in The Bionicles Try To Run A House, The Bionicles Try To Run A Business, and Aftermath. TM is a clone of one of the main heroes of the story, MT. TM is probably the 2nd most recognizable villain from the story, besides 4 Mask, who is widely regarded as the original bad guy of the series.


TM was created by MT in a successful effort to escape the police, and after being captured, he was encountered by Ihr, a Xenon wielder who offered him the opportunity to join the ranks of the Xenon army. When TM refused, Ihr possessed his body, forcing him under his will. TM began to wreak havoc across the universe, battling MT and the other Zehvor on multiple occasions, and even joining forces with 4 Mask in an attempt to take over Earth, though the plan was thwarted by MT and Toa Zehvor Kopeke(also known as TA) creation, 5 Mask.

This would be the last time MT would emerge victorious over TM. Annoyed at the Toa of Light, Ihr continually used TM to attack MT, infusing him with Xenon and then crushing him underneath a building the next two times the duo fought. TM was appointed commander over the Terna, an alien race that had been infused by Xenon to attack Toa and Matoran across the galaxy under the government of the IUPD, a self-proclaimed intergalatic force for good. 3 of the Zehvor(MT, Brenmac, and Kopeke), however, tracked TM down to the planet of Onex, and confronted him there, but were surprised by Ihr, who revealed his secret of controlling TM all along. Ihr released TM to make the same offer he had made to TM so many years ago to the Zehvor, and TM attacked Ihr. Ihr easily bested the Toa, and left him lying unconscious on the ground.

TM awoke a few minutes later and encountered two new allies, Toa Levacius and Guilty Error. The three found Ihr preparing to wipe out MT and 3 new Zehvor, Sonu, Mr. Matoro, and Burnmad. Levacius stopped him, whereupon Ihr took out TM and Guilty Error quickly. TM flew back however, after sending Guilty Spark and yet another Zehvor, Mesonak, to find Kopeke and Brenmac. TM fought Ihr once again, and tackled Ihr onto a bridge, telling the Zehvor to cut the bridge. Burnmad did, and both TM and Ihr fell into a lake of Xenon below, where they both were overloaded and killed instantly as the Zehvor escaped the crumbling planet.


TM wielded a number of Xenon abilities and powers, heightened by Ihr's influence on him. He was nearly impossible to defeat in a straight one on one combat, and had a Xenon produced resistance to convential weaponry.

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