A Super Bohrok is a large mechanoid that appears in the TBTTRAH Series. A Super Bohrok, while much slower and less agile than it's smaller Bohrok brethern, is much bigger and far more powerful.


The first Super Bohrok appeared in The Bionicles Try To Run A House. After being defeated by MT, 4 Mask took the design and completely revamped it, adding new weaponry and enhancing the armor and shield capabilities, making it nearly impervious to conventional weaponry. The Super Bohroks have appeared several times throughout the series, and have a "lethal" combat rating.


The Super Bohrok has multiple offensive and defensive capabilities, including lock-on missiles, machine gun turrets that extend from its four legs. It also carries sonic weaponry, and has acid filled zamor sphere launchers which are designed to cut through steel walls if necessary, which made Super Bohrok some of the most highly prized invasion vehicles when they were first introduced. These launchers, however, are slow at locking on, which allows agile targets to avoid them, forcing the Super Bohrok to rely on some of its less powerful weaponry.

For it's size, the Super Bohrok is fairly mobile. It stands at about 4 times the size of a Toa, but can move as fast as any tank, and it weighs enough to crush pretty much any obstacle in it's way. It's head is also built in with a Nuvohk-Kal tool and an auto-detach ability, which gives the head the option of detaching from the body and flying around if the body becomes too damaged or if it needs to fit in a smaller space. The head is rather weak compared to the body though, and is only equipped with a bio-relay laser and two energy drain tools.

The one major weakness of the Super Bohrok is in the form of electricity. A well placed lightning blast will short it's circuits and leave the body helpless, sending the head to fight on it's own. In many cases, the blast can completely knock the whole Super Bohrok offline. Due to this fatal flaw, the Super Bohrok was eventually removed from the Terna invasion force, and the ones still in existence are used for guarding important items/locations.


The Bionicles Try To Run A House


The Architect

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