spyder ryder is the author-avatar of spyder ryder, the author. Physically, he has the legs and feet of a Toa Mata, the body of a Rahskhi, (Minus the Kraata shell) the arms of a Toa nuva, the head of a Toa Metru, and a Kanohi that resembles a Tryna. It is actually a mask that was made from all six kinds of disks, and is able to mix and match them to function as different masks. He cannot see if his mask is removed.

spyder was the first exploration unit deployed by the Great Beings. He was given a ship, The S.S. Insanity, and instructed to search the multi-verse for a system of government that works. Spyder visited over eighty million universes before getting bored and becoming a part-time space pirate. He has almost caused several inter-universal disasters over the course of his career, the latest one being the introduction of hyper-intellegent Kofo-Jaga into an alternate reality.


spyder is a very unusual person. He refuses to mow his lawn for fear of running over any small animals, and is convinced that the answer to the universe involves peace, multi-colored swirling lights, and the number forty-two. He is usually calm and placid, although if he finds it nessiscary he will transform into Spyrate, a giant pirate-robot.

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