Skitapalloza is a finished comedy, which started out as a collection of random storied created by the author, (hence the name) that evolved into something about a sane toa of destiny and life, a insane toa of ice, and lewa. it got canceled when the author decided he clearly had something better to do then just write down kopaka's ramblings, and lewa's attempts to stop it.

Summary Edit

I just started this page. I wouldn't really have much down anyway.

characters Edit

The people of the comedy. because it's hard to have one without them

Main Characters Edit

All the people you will see through the whole comedy.

Oratam Edit

The author shamelessly sticking himself in. He is a toa of destiny and life, and is probably the most sane main character.

Lewa Edit

A hippie toa of air. All there really is to say on the matter.

Kopaka Edit

An insane toa of ice that has a liking of cake(band), money(as a food), and a dislike of metaphors, good points, and Morales.

guest stars Edit

some guys who were actually interested in the comic.

guest star list coming soon.

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