Script refers to the comedy writing method that goes a bit like this;

Tahu: Hey Kopaka, how you doin'?

Kopaka: I'm a bit... chilly.

Tahu: I don't get it.

Kopaka: I didn't think you would.

Script is often considered rather informal and noobish, possibly due to the fact it's considered easy to use and the first choice of many first time writers. However, this stereotype is not true at all; many of the greatest and funniest comedies to this day are written in script, for instance Aftermath 2 and its continuity.

Script gets its name from Movie scripts, Theator scripts etc. Ever seen one? They're written in script. Script focuses more on characters speaking for its jokes and plot, while Prose relies more on what the author writes in descriptions and such.

Script comedies often have Narrators, who more often than not find themselves forced to argue with the characters. Scripts comedies also relie upon emoticons for emotion, although this is not always the case.

Script comedies can feature lengthy descriptions and paragraphs of text that are not dialogue, but as long as characters speak like the example above, it is still script.

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