Road Trip 2! is the sequel to Jalina T.T.'s first comedy, Road Trip! Road Trip 2 is still a work in progress. (mainly because the author is to lazy to work on it often)

A Brief Summary

At the Start of Road Trip 2, Jalina comes home from school to find a clean living room. susupicious, she walks into the family room and confronts the rest of the main cast: the Toa Inika and the Piraka. Amoung the group is Matoro, the bookworm; Vezok, the not-very-bright one;(Hey! I represent that!) Thok, the chilly one; and Hewkii, the one deathly afraid of apples. Soon after Jalina comes home, they start talking about this year's road trip. After much deliberation, they decide on a coast-to-coast road trip. After starting out in Oregon, the team heads north to an Apple festival in Washington, where they meet Axonn, Berix, and Numi, an old friend of Jalina's. After dealing with chaos and accidental destruction, the team turns their sights west, through Idaho. As they traveled through Idaho, they landed in a ghost town, where they met what would become the series antagonist: mysterious, shadowy creatures in dark cloaks whose objective is currently unkown. These creatures have shadowed the group as they continued their travels east. In Montana, the group met Jalina's brother Kapurkar, who was competing in a rodeo with his trusty kikinalo, and Tahu Stars. Somewhere in South Dakota, the group meets up with a new cast of characters: Doctor Bob, an epic writer who took a wrong turn and ended up in a comedy, with his three characters; Helen, an avid cos-player with a pink bike (soon destroyed by Hakann); and X-ray, with his girlfriend I-ray and Kopaka. The group is currently in Chicago, and plan to continue their travels soon.

Cast of Characters:

Coming soon!


“So we’re breaking the fourth wall now?” Nuparu asked.

“Why not? You guys have broken everything else.” Road Trip 2!

Vezok stuck his head out the window. He regretted doing that when he realized he forgot to open the window first.

"well, It said that there would be the best apple and Macintosh products around, so I assumed they were talking about the computer company.” “WHAT KIND OF TOWN HAS A COMPUTER FESTIVAL!?!?!?!?”

CCC Review

Doctor Bob reviewed this comedy, giving it a really high rating. He said that it was a "really entertaining and fun story" And "definitely be back to read new entries in the series."

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