Road Trip! was a comedy written by Jalina T.T. during the summer of 2007. Jalina began her long writing career with this comedy.

A Brief Summary

At the beginning of Road Trip!, The Cast of Characters (the Piraka, the Toa Inika, and, of Course, Jalina [known as Karate Kid, or KK]) comes home from their last day of school, ready for a road trip. Their guardian, Mata Nui, decides that the zany group is old enough to take the trip on their own. After much deliberation, the group decides to go to the Bahamas (and not Rediak's pajamas!) Taking their trusty Fenrahk Spider as a pet/vehicle/mode of transport, the group heads off, encountering a large variety of guest stars along the way.

During the course of their trip, they do everything from bungee jumping to a rodeo, from cruising to getting sand all over Roodaka's freshly painted toe-nails. All the while, a shadowy figure haunts them from the dark... For no discernable reason. They even have a semi-paranormal encounter... with ANOTHER Reidak!

Road Trip! is currently under restoration and updating, meaning that spelling and grammar mistakes are fixed, and the comedy is cleaned up in general.

Top Quotes

(Hahli: Yay! The Bahamas!

Reidak: Yay! My pajamas!

Hahli: No, I said the BAHAMAS, not your PAJAMAS!

Reidak: I said my pajamas, not your pajamas.

Kongu: You don't wear pajamas.

Reidak: Yes I do! *holds up a pair of light blue teddy bear pajamas*)

CCC review

As this comedy was both started and ended before the CCC was founded, it has not been reviewed. Although if they've got nothing else to review, they might review it when the comedy is fully finished with restoration.

Want to Read it?

You're going to have to dig a little to find this comedy. you can go to Jalina's Profile and look through her old topics, or you can use the hyperlink in the first chapter of Road Trip 2!

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