In his true, fully awakened form. Looks similar to Ganon, but has more power than the Triforce of Power itself.

Ranox is a Great Being featured in How it All Began and The Fire Chronicles. He was originally planned to be in How to Escape the Wig Salon before it was cancelled.


Ranox was first featured in the prequel to TAoT: How it All Began. He invented the clones of the Toa Mata, who would later become TTP (TN:TS), Censoring Sister, Narrator, Po-Police Chief, Transition Titler, and Guardius. Designed to be the failsafe of the Toa Mata (who were failsafes themselves), his creation went horribly wrong: they destroyed his 4th place invention (Fly By Time) and encased him in a protodermis seal. He cursed them with the 4th wall joke in return.

After the MU departed for space, Ranox was left in the lab. It is presumed that the other Great Beings freed him and dropped him into the underworld to live out a life of peace...almost.

After Narrator is dropped into the Wig Salon (TAoT) he is told by Nuju that Ranox oversees the WS. Soon after, in HEWS, he devises a plan to escape. Narrator's plan is successful and he defeats Ranox, going back to the real world. The Great Beings notice his failure and drop him into the Cave of the Forgotten.

Sometime before the events of TFC, Helryx is revived and comes across Ranox, both in a weakened state. The two heal together and Ranox devises a plan to destroy Helryx's and his own enemies (Order of Tahu and NAW). Helryx ends up on Kollix IV, where she sets up the Orderly Fortress. In her secret travels, she comes across Karzahni and Roodaka and recruits them to the OE II, to start. At the end of S1, Helryx reveals her identity to Tahu and is defeated in a battle on the House rooftop. She returns to Ranox, who reveals himself to the readers and is pleased of the plan's success (SM attacked, HF invaded, Tahu attacked) and rises.


He continues the plan by having Helryx house him inside of her--he promises not to take full control but only guide her. He grants her with Great Being powers and strength. They reveal themselves when Tahu appears inside the fortress, but Helryx is again defeated. Most recently he has entered the Matoran Universe with Helryx in an attempt to destroy the prophecy (contrary to what she intends to do with it).

He has no power in the Temple of Time, but is able to destroy it when Helryx is dying at the hands of Takanuva. He kills the Toa of Light, and departs knowing the prophecy is destroyed and takes the Mask of Light and Helryx and her followers with him. Since then, Helryx has hosted him, but he is very, very angry that she was almost destroyed and disobeyed his orders...



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