PurpleBouncy is a BZP comedy writer who joined the BZP community on August 28th, 2010, and immediately debuted a comedy. He is now one of the known current authors due to his ongoing epic-comedy It's a Mad House. He also posted some one-shots. He has plans for Mad House to keep going for a long time. He has gotten involved with the community over time.

History Part I: Starting OutEdit

After he joined, he posted Chapter One of It's a Mad House. He'd been working on it since January 5, 2007, and it had undergone major de-noobifying changes before making its BZP debut. After a short time, he'd gained TNTOS as a regular fan, with a few others posting once. Another fan began following it, soon followed by a third. After that, a fourth, putting his comedy in the third most popular (judged by regular fans) comedy currently running, after Aftermath and Tahu vs. Tahu, respectively. A fifth fan, Toa Zehvor MT, author of Aftermath, which Purple also read, began following it, but the fourth fan left after about two weeks of downtime. During this time, Purple had posted A Skakdi Family Thanksgiving and A Skakdi Family Christmas, two one-shots about the Skakdis. Thanksgiving had one reply, while Christmas was critiqued by three (or was it four :P).

History Part II: Getting Involved with the Community and The DowntimeEdit

Mad House was nominated for multiple CCC Awards, but failed to win any. It did place 4th in a People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy of 2011, or was it third :P. It did stay in its 3rd place as far as regular fans slot, oddly enough.

Around this time, Purple really started following Aftermath, doing research on all the TBTTRAh story he missed. After this, he developed a friendship with Toa Zehvor MT, who he approached first about his idea for a massive comedy crossover, creating a solid continuity for the comedies. MT dubbed it "The Great Comedy Crossover", which is still its name in the early writing steps.

Purple also joined the Zehvor, and as of the current downtime, has yet to join in the series, which he will do to promote the BZP release of Aftermath 2 (TBTTRAH 3). Purple also got to know iBrow, The BIONICLE Hero, Dark Chronicler, and others while organizing the GCC. In May, at the peak of Mad House, which was enjoying its second season and positive reviews, the downtime struck. Originally intended as a forum upgrade, it was also used to move all pre-downtime topics to an archive. Purple hung out on HiPor: Empire of Pixels and chilled, until...the RETURN DUN DUN DUN ONO.

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