Pridak is one of the main characters in the TBTTRAH Series. He is a vandalizing, arrogant, and over-confident schemer who is constantly getting into trouble via his (often ridiculous) plans. He is the leader of the Barraki, and he is best friends with Zaktan, who he occasionally uses to accomplish his plans.


In addition to all of the above, Pridak is a brilliant tactician, who is capable of incredibly intelligent plans to get what he wants. His plans, however, are generally outlandish, and require far more material than he could ever hope to acquire.

Pridak despises Tahu for his orderliness and his desire to keep the house in some running order. He also has a deep hatred for Mesonak, because Pridak's arm was once cut off by Meso when Pridak was attempting to kill him.

Despite all this, Pridak has a good side, which has shown several times in the past, including when sacrificed himself by ramming a spaceship into the Dark Lord's head in order to defeat it.

Twitter AccountEdit

Pridak has his own twitter account. Why? No questions asked kthxplox.

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