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Omega Turtle is a character in Toa Zehvor MT's TBTTRAH Series. He is an all time fan favorite, and quite possibly the series' most famous original character overall. He is a huge Turtle, three times as tall as a normal Toa, and infused with the mutagen Xenon. Xenon has heightened his strength and stamina to incredible levels. He is most reknown, however, for his ability to eat things up to six times his size, which has gotten him out of trouble on several occasions.

Despite all this, he is great fun to be around, and has made friends with many people, including Toa Zehvor MT. He also participates in a "turtle only" band in his free time.


While the Omega Turtle most of the time in the TBTTRAH series is one character, Omega Turtles as a whole are not just one person. An Omega Turtle is formed when an Alpha Turtle is infused with Xenon.