Short Biography MisterMatoro joined BZPower three years ago, and has written two comedies. He is a good friend of Toa Zehvor MT, and is a fan of MT's "TBTTRAH" series.


The Meta, a character Mr. Matoro associated with himself frequently


  • The Bionicles and I

A comedy about living Bionicle sets driving their owner insane (there are many of these on BZPower). Mr. Matoro wrote this comedy immediately after he joined BZP. Therefore, it contains bad grammar, randomness, lack of a good plot, lack of originality, and pretty much everything else that makes a comedy awesome horrible. Nevertheless, it also contains a few good jokes. "The Bionicles and I" inspired Toa Zehvor MT to create "The Bionicles Try To Run a House".

  • Meet the Mistika (and the Phantoka)

This comedy takes place in Metru-Nui shortly after the events of the 2007 storyline. The Toa Mahri talk about the 2008 sets, and their opinions towards the sets are very similar to those held by most BZPers.

  • On the Run

Status: Work In Progress

This story revolves around an ex-cop who attempts to capture a Bionicle set that has come to life.


In addition to writing two comedies of his own, MM has co-authored two others: "The Bionicles Try To Run A Nation" and "Goodbye Ordinary" (both written by Toa Zehvor MT). MisterMatoro believes that the latter of the two contains some of his best work. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the Dataclysm.

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