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Mesonak is a BZPian who has written comedies in the past. He is a member of the Toa Zehvor, helps run a BZP-Podcast called The Three Virtues, and is the Manager of the Department of Marketecture for OTS.


Mesonak has written several comedies. His first comedy was possibly the last great "Ask" comedy, Ask Mesonak. It was one of the most popular comedies on the forum at the time, and managed to make it to spot #2 on the hot topics list at one point. He also helped co-author a pitiful attempt at a comedy by OTS, and has since been relegated to a public affairs position in OTS.

Mesonak has also appeared in MT's TBTTRAH Series, first in The Bionicles Try To Run A House, and most famously in Aftermath. Mesonak is notorious in that comedy for multiple things, including his vuvuzela and literally "backstabbing" people(see Nightmare and 4 Mask). Mesonak is one of Pridak's many rivals in the story, after the latter had his arm cut off when he tried to kill Mesonak.

Elsewhere on BZPEdit

Mesonak is the host of The Three Virtues, a BZP Podcast that discusses nearly everything and has a home topic in the general discussion forum. He also made a major appearance once in the RPG forum, spending a lot of time on Levacius' "War of Elementum Nui." However, the RPG lost popularity, and failed to win re-election, so Mesonak has more or less faded away from the forum.

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