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Mata Nui Adventures, or MNA, is a comedy co-written by brothers VakamaMetruNui and MatauMetruNui. It is about a group of Matoran and there crazy and hilarious adventures on Mata Nui. Mata Nui Adventures can be read on BZPower forums here.

Plot OverviewEdit

The BeginningEdit

In the beginning of MNA, MMN kidnaps VMN to show him the pawn shop that MMN had purchased. Meanwhile, Lhii and Mavrah are busy trying to find things to sell in the pawn shop, only to get interrupted by Kent. A few days later, the pawn shop is finished and thier first customer, Piruk, walks in to sell them a watch, which MMN gets for two dollars. Lhii and Mavrah look on in awe as VMN rolls his eyes.

A few days later, Orkahm discovers his ceral has been stolen. The police arrive but decide they need more help. MMN and his crack team arrive, consisting of VMN, Lhii and Mavrah. They quickly start searching the house, and see the thief run down a tunnel in a cabinet. They chase him to Po-Koro. The team soon find the thief who is revealed to be Hafu, a famous singer around there. Orkahm shows up and fights Hafu, but the thief is able to escape, only to be crushed by a plane a odd series of events. Takua and Jaller arrive and arrest Hafu and take him to jail.

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